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The Character Physically

1. What is the character's stature and build? Is he overweight? Thin? What is his height and weight?

Carol Anne is average height, about 5’5” and her weight is in line with that, a little heavier in the winter and a little less in the summer.

2. How old is he?

Thirty, almost thirty-one for most purposes in this journal. Occasionally she posts as her five year old self in SWS (playing with the movie canon).

3. Describe his posture. Is it good? Does he carry himself well? Is he crooked? Straight?

Her posture is acceptable; she slouches when tired but otherwise tends to hold herself well.

4. Is he in good shape or out of condition? Is he muscularly weak or strong?

She’s in fair condition. She’s relatively active and can do quite a few things without being winded but she’s not a model of fitness.

5. How is his health? Any illnesses or conditions? Any physical disabilities?

Physical health is fine.

6. Is he physically active or sedentary? A fast or slow mover?

She enjoys being outside, can pace herself and move quickly when needed.

7. Is he clumsy, awkward, graceful?

She’s careful. That may or may not always come across as “grace”.

8. Does he move in straight or curved lines? Is he physically tight or fluid?

Curves, she meanders.

9. What are his chief efforts?

Living a normal life while coexisting with the paranormal.

10. Is the character good-looking, pretty, beautiful, average, plain, ugly, disfigured?

She’s pretty but in the Southern California city she lives in, she’s just one of many blonde-haired, blue-eyed, well-tanned people. She’s not a standout beauty.

11. Is the character aware of himself physically? His looks?

She knows she has a charming smile and uses it to put people at ease.

12. Describe his complexion and skin. Dark, light, clear, marked?

Clear skin, tanned and freckled. She’s naturally very pale but spends much time out of doors to combat this.

13. Describe his hair, coloring, styling. Is it taken care of?

Natural blonde, it went from nearly white as a child to a darker, almost dirty blonde as an adult. It’s lighter when she’s spending a lot of time outside.

14. How is his usual dexterity? Does he have good hands: Can he do things? Is he a worker?

She inherited a love of knitting from her Gramma Jess.

15. Is he physically tense or relaxed, nervous, controlled?

She’s usually relaxed unless there’s a reason for the hair on the back of your neck to stand on end.

16. What are his chief tension centers?

Neck, shoulders, lower back

17. What part of his body would you notice first?

Her smile

18. Describe his basic gravity factor. Is there a downward pull or buoyancy?

Buoyancy, almost an ethereal quality at times.

The Character's Clothes

1. How much clothing does this character have?

Enough, but not a copious amount.

2. What items are in their wardrobe?

Tank tops, jeans, shorts, tshirts mostly.

3. What are their favorite articles of clothing?

Sleeveless tops

4. What colors are the clothes? Is there a wide range? Bright or dull? What are their favorite colors to wear?

Soft colors, pastels mostly.

5. Are their clothes bright or dull?

It’s a mixed bag.

6. Were they bought or home-made, hand-me-downs, expensive?

Hand me downs, thrift finds, home-made…and Target. She loves Target.

7. What is one of his favorite items to wear?

Blue button-down tshirt

8. Do his clothes fit well?

They tend to be a little loose.

9. Is he comfortable in what he wears? Does he "fight" his clothes?

Always dresses for comfort.

10. Is he confident about the way he dresses, or uneasy?

They’re just clothes, she doesn’t think about them too much.

11. Does he care for his clothes? Keep them up and neat? Is he worried about how they look?

She doesn’t sort them before washing, but they do get cleaned regularly.

12. Does he have to dress a certain way because of his job or position? If so, do his usual clothes fit his real, basic character?

She’s the receptionist at a very casual architecture firm, she can wear more or less what she wants to work.

13. Does he dress according to a self image of himself? Is that self image conscious or unconscious? At what age was this self image made?

She dresses for comfort.

14. What kind of underwear does he wear?


The Character's Voice

1. Does he speak in a high or low pitch voice? When might he be higher than usual? When lower?

She has a soft voice, higher pitched than most and it makes her sound very young—especially over the phone.

2. Is he a loud or soft talker?

She’s soft and quiet most of the time.

3. Is there a wide range in the voice in volume, pitch and/or quality, or is the voice pretty consistent and even?

Not really, though when she screams it’s very high pitched shrieking.

4. Is there good resonance to the voice? Is the voice throaty, chesty, heady, nasal?


5. Is there tension in the voice? Anxiety? Emotion?

Not usually, no. She sounds curious most of the time. Inquisitive.

6. Is there an accent? Anything unusual in pronunciation? Emphasis? Phrasing?

Not really, though she sometimes sounds a bit distant and ‘off’

7. Is it a trained voice, or just natural?


8. Does the character "try" to speak well or just "how it comes out"?

How it comes out which is usually not filtered by her brain to removed anything she shouldn’t say.

9. Is the speech clear or muddy? Does he mumble? Is he distinct?

Very clear.

10. Is the voice comforting or irritating? Reassuring or disturbing?

Comforting and gentle. Almost always calm.

11. Is he self-conscious when he speaks to others? How large a group could he speak to before he became self-conscious?

No, not really. She’s very friendly. Less comfortable if she has to address a large crowd but that’s because she doesn’t often raise her voice.

The Character's Mind

1. Is the character smart, dumb, naive?

She’s very smart and very aware of her surroundings.

2. Does he think quickly? Slowly? Is he quick-witted? Dull?

She’s a quick thinker, fast learner and very inquisitive.

3. What kind of education has he had?

Public school, state college.

4. What subjects does the character have knowledge or expertise in?

Paranormal activities, animal behavior, architecture/construction.

5. Is the character impulsive or deliberate in reaching conclusions? Is he logical, rational, or emotional?

Very logical and deliberate.

6. Does he think out things before he speaks or can she "think on his feet" as she is speaking?

She says what comes to mind as it comes to mind.

7. Does he have contemplative times? What does she think about when alone?

She tries not to dwell on things, especially the middle part of her childhood, but when she’s alone the memories can be easily triggered.

8. Is he an idealist? A pragmatist? A dreamer? An idea man? An action man?

Very much a dreamer.

9. Is his life motivated chiefly by abstract ideals or practical rewards?

Her ideals, and her need to help people.

The Character's Emotions and Personality

1. Is he an introvert or an extrovert?

She’s very extroverted.

2. Does he get along well with people? Does he have charm? Are people attracted to him? Does he like people?

She likes people, loves being around them and seems to draw people to her without too much trying on her part.

3. Does he have many friends? Any close friends?

She knows a lot of people, is close to a fair number but is closet to a few family members: her brother, Robbie and her cousin Donna and her spouse, Scott.

4. Is he hot-blooded or cool-headed?

Warm-hearted and level-headed.

5. Does he have a narrow or wide range of emotions? Do they show often?

Very wide but she tends to keep them to herself.

6. Does he indulge in emotional peaks, outbursts, or valleys? Often?

Not really, no.

7. Would you say he is basically sensitive or calloused?

Very sensitive.

8. Is he suspicious, cautious, trusting, or naive about new people or situations?

She can be cautious even when coming across as very trusting. She relies on more than outward appearances when judging people.

9. Is he an aggressive or reactive person? Is he a pusher or a puller?

She’s reactive and a questioner, always.

10. Does he take positive or negative action?


11. In a danger or emergency situation would he go to it or run away from it?

Depends on the danger.

12. Is the character basically nervous or calm?


13. Does the character have a sense of humor? Does he appreciate jokes? Can he see humor in unfunny situations? Can he laugh at himself?


14. Can he tell a funny story or joke? Do others find him amusing?

She loves jokes.

15. Is he a practical joker? What is his opinion of tricks or jokes played on other people?

Not really though she’ll laugh if someone else does.

16. Is his humor ever cruel?


17. Under what conditions could he be harmful or mean or cruel to another person?

Only if she’s threatened.

18. Is he a loving person? Is he full of love and giving or rather bound and tight in this area? Is he capable of relation to others in a loving way? Is he capable or relating to one specific person in a romantic way?

She’s very kind, loving and gentle.

19. Is he loved by any other people? In what way?

She carries the affection of most people who know her.

20. Is he romantically in love now? With whom? Is this a happy, rewarding or frustrating situation for him?


The Character's Wealth, Power, and Influence

1. Does this person have much money? Does it provide position or respect from others for him?

She makes ends meet.

2. Is he generous or selfish with his money and possessions?

She’s very giving and willing to share what she has.

3. Is the character socially prominent? Is she prominent from wealth, position or office, family history, ability or accomplishment?

Nope, Joe Schmoe Average.

4. Does the character rate high in the "pecking order" with his household? Town? Area? Nation? World?

She lives in a studio apartment with some goldfish and a canary. Since she feeds everyone else, she’d say she’s in charge.

5. Does this person wield much clout? Over whom and by what means?


6. Can he command others to do his bidding, by word or manipulation?

She’ll ask for favors if she needs them.

7. How does he get his wishes daily?

Kindness and being polite.

8. To whom is he subservient? Is this submission willing or unavoidable?

No one.

The Character's Activities

1. How does the character spend his time?

Work, beach, talking to people (living and dead), knitting, spending time with family.

2. What does his daily routine consist of?

Up early to take care of pets and get ready for work, she spends most of the weekday in an office but the evenings are her own. Weekends, usually the beach if the weather is nice.

3. What is his profession or work?


4. What things does he really like to do?

Knit, meet new people, hiking…

5. What things does he hate to do?

Confront people

6. What are his leisure time activities? Pastimes? Recreation?

Knitting. Napping in the sun, spending time with family and friends.

7. Does he play games? What kind?

She plays games that might freak other people out if they aren’t used to those with ESP.

8. Does he like to eat or drink? How important to him are food and drink?

She lives to eat, not eating to live. Good food, not necessarily healthy.

9. How important is sex to him? What sexual activities does he partake in? Anything unusual?

It’s nice with the right person, comforting and confirmation of being alive. Earthly pleasure that she knows is longed for on other planes of existence.

10. Is his exactitude about sex healthy or disturbing to him? Is sex a rewarding, enriching part of this person's life or is it frightening, anxious, or frustrating? Is sex a positive or negative factor in his life?

She has a fairly healthy attitude about sex.

The Character's Favorite Things

1. Colors? Pinks, yellows, white
2. Food? Red Vines
3. Drinks? Water, milk, Sprite
4. Smells? Mimosa
5. Time of day? Morning
6. Season of the year? Summer
7. Books? Things with happy endings
8. Kinds of literature? Not much, actually.
9. Authors? She likes the non-fiction works of Dr. Lesh
10. Places to visit? The beach, the site of her childhood home in Cuesta Verde
11. Kinds of music? Rock, Oldies
12. Musical Instruments? Kazoo?
13. Composers?
14. Metals? Silver, gold
15. Building materials? Stucco
16. Fabrics? Cotton and denim
17. Pieces of furniture? Futons
18. Plants? Anything green
19. Flowers? Roses
20. Trees? Fruit
21. Birds? Canaries
22. Animals? Fish
23. Miscellaneous?
24. Modern Fairytale?

Character's Religion

1. What are his specific religious beliefs? Does he belong to a specific sect or creed? Does he advocate that group's beliefs?

Spiritual more than religious.

2. How important is religion to him?

It isn’t.

3. Is he pious, devout?


4. In what religious activities does he engage? What percentage of his time is devoted to it?

She’s vaguely Christian though she’s generally more spiritual than religious.

5. How does religion motivate his actions or affect them?

It really doesn’t, unless you count a general sense of faith in higher forms of power.

Character's Fears

1. What things frighten him?

Memories of Kane, malevolent spirits, people who think Taco Bell is real Mexican food.

2. Is he motivated by fear?

She can be, yes.

3. To what extent is he motivated; never, occasionally, usually, constantly?

Very motivated by it when she was young.

4. What would this character think were the three most terrible things that could happen to him?

Kane coming back for her
Not being able to help the ones who lose their way any more
No more conversations with Gramma Jess

5. What would he think were the three most wonderful things that could happen to him?

Having her father understand her
Being able to actually talk to animals
A never-ending supply of Red Vines

6. What is the one thing he doesn't want anyone to find out about him?

She’s not sure Kane is really gone and that terrifies her.


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