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Birthdate:Jan 12

Disclaimer: Not Carol Anne Freeling, not a poltergeist, not Steven Spielberg. This is for role playing and fun only. No harm intended. Not freaky clown dolls were harmed in the making of this journal. There may be a creepy tree typing however. The adult PB for Carol Anne is Emma Bunton. She belongs to herself and has nothing to do with this journal or Poltergeist save for spoofing the original movie in a music video once.

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80's catch phrases, aunt pat, california, cigar boxes, clown dolls, creepy old men, cuesta verde, dana, dead people, doggie bags, dogs, donna, dr. lesh, e. buzz, evil trees, falling out of ceilings, going into the light, goldfish, gramma jess, happy cars, headless dolls, houses that eat themselves, indians, mirrors, not owning television sets, pizza hut, preachers, psychics, real blondes, red licorice, robbie, scott, screaming, swimming pools, t.v. static, tangina, taylor, telephone calls, the beach, the other side, the sears tower, thunderstorms, tv people, tweety, uc irvine, uncle bruce, yarn

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